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Takeuchi Ryoko
Sixteen years old
Red-brown hair
Brown eyes
Grew up seeing the occasional spirit and once, while panicking over picture day, she summoned the spirit of an old comb to fix her hair. She was aware enough to know that was kind of weird but she looked really cute so she wasn't going to complain.
A cute, self-centered girl with simple dreams consisting of becoming famous, marrying rich, and being loved by everyone. She had a relatively normal and happy life where she was popular and adored in school. Her hobbies were dancing, karaoke, and fashion. Her grades were good and she did clubs to become a good role model for when she became an idol. Despite being spoiled, she isn't a terrible person... just a little stubborn, whiny, and knows exactly what she wants. She's also a huge drama queen.
Was recruited in the middle of the school year and was incredibly unhappy about it because she had a good life and had to leave it all behind.
Whines a lot at the citadel because it's in the middle of nowhere and she can't become an idol if she's stuck in the mountains. She also whines about how all of her cute clothes are back in the city and she can't live this humble mountain sage life.
Is incredibly and very aware of the fact that she's summoning handsome sword spirits and it's incredibly unfair that she's surrounded by beautiful and handsome people but is the only one among her friends without a boyfriend.
Loves cute things. She loves sweets too but she's always watching her figure so she can't splurge.
Works out every morning by practicing the latest dance moves. Some times she makes her swords practice with her too. It might look easy, but it's pretty hard!
Has no idea what she's doing when it comes to war strategy, but at least she was trained to take care of her swords right!? Oh my god are you bleeding why won't you stop bleeding the organization didn't teach her first aid they just taught her how to take care of swords SHE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS OH GROSS GROSS GROSS WAIT IS THAT A SCRATCH OH MY GOD THIS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE SHE'S GOING TO GO TO JAIL FOR LIFE NOOOO
Despite all of her misgivings and inexperience, she really does care for her spirits... she's just figuring out exactly how to express it with some of them. Awkwardly pats some of them on the back. You... did good today??? Maybe she should just give them a gift? Ugh, shopping for guys is hard though.
She cares a lot about how she and her swords look so she's always trying to fix their hair and clothes and what have you. Everyone has to look nice. You feel the way you look and if you look great, you'll feel great!
She's learned how to sew during her time at the citadel. She likes to make cute clothes for her and the swords... but sometimes she just gets frustrated and quits and throws things around the room screaming how she wishes she could just go into the city and buy cute clothes again.
She totally used to do dance covers on the internet before she was recruited and banished to the citadel with shitty wifi
Plays idol games

More Icons
PB: Nanao Higashiyama from Metamo Kiss


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Takeuchi Ryoko

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